Joel Salinas, MD

Dr. Joel Salinas

Neurologist, Speaker, Author
& Founder of Isaac Health.

About Joel

Dr. Joel Salinas is the Founder and Chief Medical Officer of Isaac Health, a telehealth platform that focuses on brain health and dementia. He is a Harvard-trained behavioral neurologist, speaker, and writer with expertise in clinical approaches to brain health. Dr. Salinas has led research on the psychosocial determinants of brain health and authored over 40 academic papers and contributed to eight books on neurology. His work has been featured in the NYT, WSJ, and Forbes. He is also Clinical Assistant Professor of Neurology at the NYU Grossman School of Medicine, and was previously faculty at Harvard Medical School and the Massachusetts General Hospital, serving as Clinical Director of the McCance Center for Brain Health.

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Dr. Salinas and his work have been featured in


We're All Weird And That's Normal

What if everything you've assumed about who is normal and not normal is actually not true? Neurologist Joel Salinas makes an entertaining, astonishing, and profoundly moving case for how our differences—the things that can make us weird or "not normal"—are essential for human life and for helping us connect more deeply with one another.

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Dr. Joel created Isaac Health, an in-home memory clinic that aims to support brain health by assisting individuals with memory and thinking issues. It provides exceptional care from a comprehensive team of compassionate medical experts. Isaac Health offers a range of services, including risk reduction, assessment, and treatment of Alzheimer’s and other dementias.

Dr. Joel Salinas has a unique brain

Synesthesia is the name of a complex neurologic trait that causes him to constantly perceive each of his senses as a mix with one or more of his other senses—from hearing colors and tasting sounds to experiencing people as numbers.

Mirror Touch

A Memoir of Synesthesia and the Secret Life of the Brain

Written with intelligence and compassion, and anchored by the latest of what we know and what we have yet to decipher in neurology, psychology, psychiatry, and the neurosciences, Mirror Touch is an enthralling investigation into the power of the brain. It proves that the mind, in wondrous and mysterious fashion, continues to reveal to us fascinating and enlightening ways to see, to feel, and to be.