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TEDxCambridge | What if everything you've assumed about who is normal and not normal is actually not true? Harvard neurologist Joel Salinas makes an entertaining, astonishing, and profoundly moving case for how our differences—the things that can make us weird or "not normal"—are essential for human life and for helping us connect more deeply with one another.


A doctor who can feel his patients’ pain. Dr. Oz interviews neurologist Dr. Joel Salinas. He reveals the complex neurologic trait that allows him to feel patients' pain. Then, he describes what certain audience members are feeling. Find out more about his unique talent.

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Meet the nurse and doctor who feel other people’s pain – literally. The TODAY Show welcomes Megan Pohlmann, RN, and Joel Salinas, MD, a nurse and doctor with a rare trait called mirror touch that enables them to literally feel the pain of others, and even their emotions.


Doctor can feel the pain of his patients. Salinas, a neurologist at Massachusetts General Hospital, has mirror-touch synesthesia, a neurological trait that affects two out of 100 people. It causes him to feel the emotional and physical sensations of others.


What if a doctor could physically feel the pain their patients were experiencing? Dr. Joel Salinas, a neurologist at Mass General Hospital, can do just that. He has a neurological trait called mirror touch that causes him to feel the emotional and physical experiences of others.

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Doctor who feels patients' pain. Neurologist Dr. Joel Salinas joins The Doctors to discuss the fascinating condition of mirror-touch synesthesia, which causes some individuals to experience the same sensation that another person feels.

Mirror Touch: Rare condition means Dr. Joel Salinas feels what others feel. Dr. Joel Salinas is a doctor of neurology at Harvard with a rare neurological trait. When he tells patients he can feel their pain, he means it.


Joel Salinas, médico de origen nicaragüense, estudió medicina en la Universidad de Harvard y padece una patología llamada "sinestesia", la cual hace que cualquier dolor de una persona que esté al frente suyo pueda sentirla como en un efecto espejo.


Dr. Joel Salinas is a neurologist who possesses a rare neurological trait himself: he has mirror-touch synesthesia, a rare form of the perceptual condition that allows him to experience the same physically sensations and feelings as the people around him. He's a doctor who can quite literally feel your pain.

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